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Portfolio Analysis

We offer comprehensive review and analysis of real estate assets to identify essential opportunities and minimize occupancy costs. With over 1000 completed leases in Regional Malls, Strip Centers, Urban Retail and Outlet Centers, we are qualified to thoroughly analyze an entire portfolio. We effectively coordinate our efforts with client management.

Strategic Planning

We provide targeted recommendations including repositioning of assets, acquisitions and disposition. This critical step creates the road map for all future success. Real estate is more than finding great locations in great centers; it’s about understanding the retailer’s customer and positioning stores in the best possible markets and spaces, where their customer will conveniently find them.

Site Selection

From our 75+ years of strong working relationships with most of the nation’s top landlords, we receive early calls when new space is being developed or is recycling back to a landlord. This allows our retail clients the first opportunity to secure some of the best locations in the nation.

Deal & Lease Negotiations

Since our team has negotiated over 1000 leases, there is no lease or economic issue we have not seen or can not handle in our retail client’s best interest. Each of us is considered tough, yet reasonable…creative, yet honest. We encourage you to reference us in the industry.

Design & Construction Analysis

We believe that retailers need strong linkage from strategic planning, to the design phase, and ultimately to the consumer’s perception in the store. All of this is performed in a cost effective manner. Devine, Lerner, Serwer has in-depth experience with design analysis, brand messaging, and value-engineering.

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